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Zhengzhou City, the Yellow River road and East Street burger fire affectneighboring Stores – Beijing – reporter Du Yige Washington on September 24th at 1:40 in the morning, Zhengzhou City, the Yellow River road and East Street intersection northeast corner of fire. A shop around the fire, a noodle shop and two cigarette and liquor vendor are also subject to different degrees of damage, but fortunately for fire fighting in a timely manner, causing no casualties. On the morning of 5 newspaper reporters rushed to the scene learned that the fire is a hamburger shop, after the fire the fire rushed on the door, the door glass burst issued crackling sound, noodle and cigarette and liquor vendor quickly spread to both sides of the fire, the situation is very critical, the surrounding masses quickly dialed 110 for help fire. Because several store behind the two floor is the residents, fire officers and soldiers to safeguard the residents arrived quickly climbed up the door, with a gun to suppress the fire, the other way is to enter the shop fire officers and soldiers, from the noodle shop inside gradually 8 rescue the liquefied gas tank. After 20 minutes of fighting the fire was finally extinguished, but the burger and noodle have all been burned, near the cigarette and liquor vendor employees are out and rescue. According to several businesses affected by the fire, the suspect is due to excessive consumption of electricity in Hamburg, overloaded work triggered. Reporters entered the burned hamburger shop to see, although the store is not large, it is indeed full of electrical appliances, ovens, ice cream machine, etc.. Yesterday, Dahe reporter interviewed the relevant lawyers on the matter. Henan Yulong lawyer Fu Jian pointed out that the specific compensation need to look at the cause of the fire, especially to see whether the existence of improper operation such as negligence, if there is a need to hold accountable housing users. If it is due to the aging of the wire line, it belongs to the management responsibility of the housing authority. Reporters then to the fire department to understand the progress of the investigation, the fire department responded that the cause of the fire is still under investigation. Provide clues to Mr. Liu 100 yuan for news hotline 0371-96211相关的主题文章: